Can't Be Sad with a SUPERPRETZEL

In 2021, the "Can't Be Sad with a SUPERPRETZEL" campaign was born out of the need for positive, upbeat energy in the midst of the pandemic.

 When everything went wrong in your day, a SUPERPRETZEL couldn't magically fix it all - but it certainly could put a smile on your face and help you keep goin'. 

My team and I created these animated spots to promote the campaign, which ran across streaming and social platforms.

For the 2021 Can't Be Sad campaign, I developed and illustrated the characters we would use to animate in the commercials. The "mom" character had a lot of different designs before the team agreed on her final form. Once we agreed on a style, I was set to illustrate the next 5 characters for these spots.

We wanted to hint at the 60's drive-in movie cartoons as well as bring our own style to truly make these characters timeless. This character, along with many others, were used throughout this campaign and have become an essential aspect of the SUPERPRETZEL brand today, as seen in recent work. 

Here are just a few more examples of how I helped develop the brand over the years - from creating shotlists for product photoshoots, to designing the brand's first Out of Home campaign and to heightening brand awareness through social media - my team and I at 160over90 have created a robust portfolio for this lovable, exciting brand.

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