McCombs School of Business

Working with my team at 160over90, I created illustrations and storyboards for these 3 animations to celebrate the 100th anniversary of McCombs School of Business at UT Austin. 

Using pre-existing imagery and collage designs, I highlighted the stories from the McCombs Magazine by adding movement with textured brush strokes that were then animated to interweave throughout each scene.

Our last animated video honors the business entrepreneurs of the past that paved the way for current business students and alumni that came after them. All of these animations were used on McCombs social media to promote their 100th anniversary magazine and events.


This is my rough sketch of the storyboard for the Siete Family Foods animation - we ended up adding the 7-Eleven story as well to best utilize the 15-20 seconds we had for the video length.

Here's the final storyboard approved by the team, this then went into animation with slight tweaks and revisions to those before handing off to the client. Overall, a quick and fun project!

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